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Electronic resources of Sapienza Libraries

Sapienza Libraries make available a wide collection of electronic resources (eResources), including databases, eJournals, eBooks and multimedia resources.

Electronic resources are available from any computer connected to the Sapienza network and through off-campus access. Use Discovery Sapienza and A-Z List to browse them. Few eResources are available only within Sapienza network (see Databases section).

Before using eResources, please read carefully Terms and conditions of use section.

All relevant information about Sapienza eResources are available below.

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Discovery Sapienza

Discovery Sapienza is the gateway to most of Sapienza eResources, a powerfull search engine which provides access to thousands of scholarly eResources with a single search. See Discovery section for more information.

Electronic resources A-Z List

A-Z List allows to search all eResources subscribed by Sapienza Libraries by Title, ISBN/ISSN, or Subject (only for English terms).

For example, searching for "surgery", you will retrive both resources with "surgery" in the Title and resources classified by the system under the Subject "Surgery" (or under its subcategories).

For each eResource, the A-Z List enumerates all available access types and specifies full text access coverage.

Be careful: A-Z List retrieves only "main sources" (e.g. eJournal, eBook, Database). If you are searching for an article, an eBook chapter or a bibliographic record, please use Discovery Sapienza.

Off campus access

Off campus access to Sapienza eResources required an institutional account (e-mail and its password) and it is available for: students and staff of Sapienza University of Rome; members of Fondazione Sapienza; students and staff of Unitelma Sapienza.

To get off campus access just click on yellow banner “Hello, Guest. Login for full access” in the home page of Discovery Sapienza and A-Z List. Without authentication, both Discovery Sapienza and A-Z List will provide partial results and you will not be able to access to full text of subscribed eResources. To search within a specific database, editorial platform or eBook collection, after authentication browse related sections available in the top left of the home page of Discovery Sapienza and A-Z List.

Be careful: Some eResources are available only within Sapienza network using desktop computers or mobile devices connected to wi-fi network. For an update list of eResources available only within Sapienza network see Databases section.


Sapienza Libraries yearly subscribe thousands of Italian and foreign eJournals in all disciplinary fields. Full text is generaly available from the mid-1990s, although some databases also provide wider coverage.

eJournals can be searched by A-Z List and Discovery Sapienza. Access through editorial platform is provided for major publishers only, browsing within eJournals of a specific publisher.

Be careful: printed journals can be available also in electronic format. Please always check on A-Z List or Discovery Sapienza if the electronic full text is provided.

You can often choose among different access types for the same eJournal (e.g. by the publisher's website, by a multipublisher platform or by a database) and the coverage can be also different.

If a journal is not available neither in electronic format nor in print, contact your preferred Sapienza Library to request a copy of one or more articles using the Document Delivery service.


A wide growing collection of Italian and foreign eBooks in all disciplinary fields is available for users of Sapienza Libraries.

eBooks can be searched by A-Z List and Discovery Sapienza. Access through editorial platform is provided for major publishers only, browsing within eBook collections of a specific publisher.

eBooks are generally available without limitations of use. In some cases, however, they are subject to limitations on the number of simultaneous readers, as a printed book: in these cases you can borrow them or make a reservation while you are waiting for the return from a loan. Any restrictions are specified in the description of each eBook; see Terms and conditions of use section for information about special access conditions.


Sapienza Libraries make available a large number of databases, both “full text” and “bibliographic”.

Full text databases provide direct access to a wide range of resources (e.g. eBooks, eJournals, theses, proceedings, grey literature, primary sources etc.).

On the other hand, bibliographic databases allow to find bibliographic data (e.g. Author, Title, Publication year, Abstract, etc.) of a huge amount of scholarly publications, but not their full text. However if resources are included in other packages subscribed by Sapienza Libraries, it is possible get access to the full text starting from a bibliographic database.

Databases subscribed by Sapienza Libraries are grouped in six subject areas, plus a seventh group of multidisciplinary resources:

Basic Sciences
Medicine & Psychology
Engineering & Architecture
Social & Economic Sciences
Law & Politics

Since some databases are not indexed in Discovery Sapienza, we recommend to extend search to these databases for better results. For an updated list of databases not included in Discovery Sapienza but available for Sapienza users see the related page.

Some databases are available only within Sapienza network using desktop computers or personal mobile devices connected to wi-fi network. For an update list of Databases available only within Sapienza network see Terms and conditions of use.

PhD Theses

PhD theses discussed at Sapienza are generally available open access through our Institutional respository IRIS. Authors could put an embargo up to three years: during embargo period, users can ask for a copy directly to authors using “Richiedi una copia” button.

PhD these are also searchable within Discovery Sapienza.

Institutional repository IRIS

IRIS is the Sapienza institutional repository collecting scholarly publication of our researchers. IRIS is managed and manteined by Research Products and Evaluation Catalog Sector, part of Research and Technology Transfer Area (ASURTT).

IRIS promotes access to the scientific production of Sapienza authors. Sapienza Libraries actively check and validate bibliographic data produced by authors, promoting the dissemination of open access scholarly literature. Publications that have undergone the validation process but are not available with an open access license can be requested directly to authors using the "Richiedi una copia" button.

Sapienza scholarly eJournals

In September 2017 Sapienza Library System toghether with Sapienza University Press launched a common platform for all scholarly eJournals owned by Sapienza University of Rome, set up with OJS (Open Journal System). Aim of the program is to support both the transition from print to online and the Open Access philosophy.

The Riviste scientifiche digitali Sapienza portal is online since June 2018 with 19 eJournals and the number constantly grows.

Questions & Answers

Section under construction.

Terms and conditions of use

I diritti relativi ai testi e ai contributi firmati (banche dati, collezioni scientifiche, periodici, articoli) sono dei rispettivi autori. Laddove non sia esplicitamente indicato o non sia presenta una licenza di tipo Creative Commons (CC), è vietata la riproduzione, permanente o temporanea, totale o parziale, con qualsiasi mezzo e in qualsiasi forma senza il consenso scritto dell'editore (o del soggetto che ne detiene i diritti).

È possibile conservare una copia dei documenti per uso esclusivamente personale.

Non è consentito inviare per posta elettronica un contributo scaricato da una risorsa elettronica oggetto di sottoscrizione a un utente non autorizzato.

È severamente vietato effettuare il download massivo dei contributi ricorrendo all’uso di software o altri dispositivi automatici. Il download dei contributi, per contratto, va effettuato singolarmente per ciascun documento.

Nel caso in cui avvenga una violazione delle condizioni d’uso da un dispositivo collegato alla rete dell'Ateneo, l'indirizzo IP utilizzato sarà temporaneamente disabilitato per l'accesso all'editore che abbia segnalato la violazione.

La consultazione delle risorse elettroniche determina l'accettazione dei termini e delle condizioni d’uso.

Sistema di autenticazione per accesso fuori rete di ateneo: EZProxy è un software di autenticazione e accesso realizzato da OCLC e distribuito in Italia da Ifnet SRL, gestito dal Centro SBS e dal Centro InfoSapienza per la parte tecnica, al quale possono accedere, senza alcuna registrazione, studenti, personale docente e non docente di Sapienza Università di Roma, gli iscritti alla Fondazione Sapienza, studenti e personale docente e non docente di Unitelma Sapienza.

Users education

Many Sapienza Libraries organize free courses on bibliographic research, both basic and specialized, useful for in-depth studies or the preparation of theses. More information are available on libraries web pages.