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Discovery Sapienza

Using tab "Discovery Sapienza - Extend your search" you can expand your search including thousands of electronic resources (eResources) such as articles, eBooks, databases, most of them in full text, available to Sapienza users by exclusively.


Log in to the Discovery Sapienza


Log in to the Discovery Sapienza at and search.



Discovery Sapienza is a powerfull search engine which provides access to thousands of scholarly eResources with a single search. Discovery Sapienza searches on Sapienza Catalogue, subscribed eJournals, eBook collections, databases and Sapienza PhD Theses repository.

Be careful: Discovery Sapienza retrieves most of Sapienza eResources but not all of them. For an updated list of databases not included in Discovery Sapienza but available for Sapienza users see the related page.

Furthermore, Discovery Sapienza may retrieve external scholarly sources available in the web (e.g. selected open access databases). “Accedi alla risorsa”, “Testo completo” o “Verifica la disponibilità in formato elettronico” buttons allow to check availability of full text.

Discovery Sapienza allows to search using keywords or subjects (in English), also within sources full text.


Off campus access to Discovery Sapienza is available: log in with your institutional account (e-mail and its password) for better search results. For off campus access click on yellow banner “Hello, Guest. Login for full access” on the top of the Discovery Sapienza home page. Without authentication, Discovery Sapienza provides partial results and you will not be able to access to full text of subscribed eResources.

Be careful: Some eResources are available only within Sapienza network using desktop computer or mobile devices connected to wi-fi network. For an update list of eResources available only within Sapienza network see Electronic resources section.


See the Electronic resources section for all relevant information about Sapienza eResources.